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  1. Government regulation of Republic Indonesia No. 37, 2009 --> click here
  2. Decree of Indonesian National Education Minister No 234/U/2000 regarding the Guidance for Establishment of Higher Education --> click here
  3. Decree of General Director of Higher Education, Department of Education and Cultural, Republic of Indonesia No. 48/D3/Kep/1983 regarding Workload for Teaching Staff in Higher Education Level --> click here
  4. Indonesian Government Regulation No 37 Year 2009 --> click here
  5. Regulation of Andalas University Rector No 3 Year 2016 --> click here
  6. CAT (Computer Assisted Test) system, in accordance to the Regulation of Head of National Employment Agency No. 29 Year 2014 regarding Standard Operational Procedure for Conduction of Basic Competency Test --> click here
  7. Government Regulation of Republic of Indonesia No. 4 Year 2014 --> click here
  8. Government Regulation of Republic of Indonesia No. 5 Year 2014 regarding State Civil Apparatus  --> click here
  9. Rector Regulation No. 12 Year 2016 regarding Appointment, Duty Implementation and Dismissal of Non-State Employee within the university, in addition to the SOP --> click here
  10. Government Regulation No. 11 Year 2017 --> click here
  11. Rector Regulation No. 07 Year 2012 regarding the Guidance and Procedure for the Advancement of Administrative Staffs in Andalas University --> click here
  12. Decree of Rector of Andalas University No. 1243.a/XIV/A/Unand-2006 --> click here
  13. Regulation of Minister of Research and Technology and Higher Education No 126 Year 2016 regarding the Admission of New Students in Undergraduate Program of Higher Education which consists of Invitation System --> click here
  14. Decree ofRector No.: 44/XIV/A/UNAND-2013 --> click here
  15. Guidance Book and Rector Regulation No. 3Year 2016 --> click here